Hi, I’m Stefani. I’m a tax nerd, and I’m an ENTJ. I’m constantly thinking of ways to help people. I love learning new things, which is probably why I chose the field of taxation, with Congress constantly changing tax laws… it’s perfect! Over the years, I’ve live in Jamaica, Canada, and Florida.

Why blog

I blog because I have a lot to say—especially about the things that affect the field of taxation.  I make no claims of being a guru of any kind (unless it’s about taxation), and I have no ulterior motives.   This is simply the place where I share my thoughts.    Hopefully, my posts will prove to be helpful and insightful.

For work

I run SimpleKeep, where we provide small business owners with a dedicated bookkeeping team, without the hefty pricetag.

For play

I read, I lie about taking lots of photos, I travel, I prefer to get around via bike, and I’m a runner (well, when I’m not lazy).