I’m Back!

The last tax season was, well, hectic.

After that I needed a vacation.

After my vacation I needed motivation to get back to writing. And to work in general.

Now, I’m back. Refresh and renewed.

The 2010 tax season was probably my most hectic. That’s not a complaint, though. Believe me. It proved to be really difficult to keep up with blogging and answering questions while I had returns and engagements to deal with.

And after tax season was finished, I had even more work to do. After that was done, I finally took a much-needed vacation. We went to visit family in Italy for what had to be the shortest two weeks ever. As I said, I’m back now, refreshed, and ready. Vacation will do that do you (after you get over the jet-lag, of course).

I’m gotten quite a few e-mails with questions, and quite frankly I am a bit surprised by the amount of e-mail I’ve received. I’ve tried my best to respond to as many as I could, but I haven’t posted any of those questions here. If you’ve sent me an e-mail and I haven’t responded, my apologies. I’m working my way through my inbox… and will hopefully get to yours eventually. Please keep in mind that I could just be waiting for a more appropriate time to respond to your inquiry.

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