The Minnesota Dept. of Revenue Doesn’t Want you to Use TurboTax

Apparently TurboTax and other Intuit products, such as Lacerte, Intuit online & ProSeries, have been having so many issues with Minnesota state returns that the Minnesota Dept. of Revenue issued a statement erging taxpayers not to file their state returns using any of Intuits products.

Some of the issues include things such as assigning political contributions to the wrong party, mishaps with education credits for multiple dependents, incorrectly calculating property tax refunds, and other calculation errors.

If you haven’t already prepared your return with any of Intuit’s products, the DoR suggests using another software to prepare your return or waiting until the problems have been fixed. If you’ve already filed, contact Intuit at 1-866-888-4609.

For more, read the MN Dept. of Revenue Statement here.

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